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Our research-based kids tutoring online programs are designed keeping in the mind the different skill sets of our students. All along, our experienced teachers provide their counselling and keep motivating the students for better performance.

We offer:

Online tutoring services

to help our students achieve their goals using novel tools of education and communication

Peer tutoring

imparted by a senior student that covers a range of activities that include homework, assessment and test preparations, assistance in maths, and so on. This method of learning takes the pressure off the student as they feel comfortable with a student assisting them through academics.

Homeschooling services

to support your child’s school education and streamline their schedule and curriculum. If your child has missed school due to health, travel, military services or other personal reasons, our homeschool program offers the extra help that your child needs to get back on track. We teach maths, science and reading to kids from k-12.

Writing programs

where we help students write an essay using promising techniques namely graphic organizers, sequencing, transitional words and vocabulary reinforcement.

When delivered daily, our education programs are enriching and enhance the child’s knowledge and development.  Every child is different, and if nurtured correctly, they will have a very bright future. We are there to provide social and educational support with every step of the way.

Global studies reveal that the pandemic has impacted children’s learning and education in a big way. Children have lost interest in studying and parents are struggling to find a way out of this adverse situation. Also, every child is unique and has learning capabilities that could be different from his peers. We offer a well-rounded online tutoring program where children can learn at their own pace and comfort. For children with special needs, private online tuition with a well-researched curriculum could be a pivotal step towards learning. With practice and patience, many students improve clarity and focus and are ready for classroom setting teaching.

We are here to help!

At Florida Traveling Tutoring, we have a dedicated team of experienced teachers who will guide and help your child focus on academics and excel in their education. We work closely with every child to understand their capabilities and limitations and then help them overcome their academic challenges through proper guidance and support.

We have designed research-based programs compiled together after years of data collection and analysis. Our diversified learning programs cater to a wide spectrum of reading, writing and educational lessons. We conduct thorough background checks on our teachers, who are certified and professionally trained to teach your child.

Every child is unique

As early years are the foundation years that leave imprints for life, we at Florida Traveling Tutor ensure that every child grasps and enjoys their learning journey!

Our work includes specialized training services for dyslexic children but is not limited to students with learning difficulties. Our motto is building up a strong global community empowering and inspiring students to excel in all spheres of life. Together we can make the world a better place to live for our future generations.

About Us

The Florida Traveling Tutor, LLC was established in an endeavor to empower every child on the pathway to success. This dream has been nurtured by the founder, Dawn Youshak, a Reading Specialist and Elementary Educator that holds a permanent certification from NYS and Florida. She is professionally trained in Orton Gillingham, Wilson Reading Program and Connect to Comprehension to meet the specific needs of children.

A message from Dawn

I am passionate about teaching children and believe in imparting education through fun, love and compassion. At Florida Traveling Tutor, we strive to offer the best tutoring services so that children meet their highest learning potential.

Being a dyslexic, I understand the difficulties faced by such children and I love to train and guide them. Our brain training sessions can prove instrumental in developing a child’s cognitive abilities that help them develop as an individual learner.

I am thankful to my team members to back me up in my tutoring journey. I have a wonderful team of five people who help me in conducting tutoring services and personal development classes. We offer a multitude of programs each differently suited to an individual child’s abilities.

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Online Tutoring

We offer online tutoring on a one-to-one basis when the child cannot attend school due to physical, social or economical reasons. This method keeps children in line with the academic performance of their peers and helps them to move forward in life.

Our trained experts coach your child using unique tactics and strategies to create an interactive experience. The sessions are fun and engaging and include virtual games to keep the child interested and motivated. In these personalized sessions, the tutor assesses and understands the challenges faced by the child and further guides them based on their skills.

Our Programs

Join our Journey towards Excellence

We offer specialized programs for students struggling with learning. This technique is a multisensory approach using tactile, auditory and kinesthetic techniques that focuses on letters, sounds, and fluency. Writing in sand, dancing the letters out are some of the examples of this learning technique. This approach can be used to help students in reading, writing and spelling as well as those who are experiencing difficulty with mathematics. We can arrange this program on a one-to-one basis.

Committed to high-quality learning, we have incorporated this learning system for students in grades 2-12 and adults who have language-based learning -disabilities, such as dyslexia, or who have not been able to learn with other teaching methods.

This program is designed for students in grades 3-12. Based on research supported by thirty years of data collected and analyzed from school districts, this program focuses on teaching total word structure for reading and spelling in an interactive manner.

Another winner from our package of knowledge programs, this research-based educational program focuses on word knowledge, letter patterns, enhancing vocabulary, and much more!

Improve your child’s reading skills with this comprehensively structured, scripted intervention reading program that uses text controlled, decodable readers. It is designed for students in grades 1-8, who have difficulty in reading.

Brain Training is an intensive program that involves learning through multi-sensory techniques. Designed to enhance one’s cognitive and processing abilities, it is best to do one-on-one training sessions. The child requires 2-3 days with a trainer and two days with the parents.  Otherwise, the trainer can do it 5 times a week. Boost your child’s confidence and prepare them for a classroom setting by enrolling in this program.

Education is empowering!

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Florida Traveling Tutor offers diversified reading and educational programs to help your student(s) excel in the classroom. Our programs are researched based and provide the best educational experience.

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