Either you have it or you don't, and Dawn definitely has "it"! My 6 year old has an insatiable appetite to practice reading, work on her sounds and write like never before! Dawn has a wonderful energy and intelligence to work with children to make them truly understand how to read. We are so grateful that we found her and I highly recommend her services!

Michele K.

Dawn has been tutoring my grand-daughter for two years. She has been, and continues to be, an absolute godsend. We struggled to get ahead of what we knew was a reading disability. When a diagnosis finally came, dyslexia and ADD, Dawn had already been working the Orton-Gillingham program with her for over a year. Now, at third-grade, she is so close to being on-grade with reading! My grand-daughter looks forward to her time with Ms. Youshak. She is fun, engaging, encouraging and always up-beat. Dawn keeps us informed on progress and where we, as a family, need to focus our efforts and support. I can’t sing her praises enough!

Bonny Snyder

Dawn Youshak helped my Daughter learn to read, to understand what she is reading and most importantly, instilled within my precious girl the knowledge that she could and would be able to learn whatever subject she chose to learn. A year ago my child sat at our kitchen table, her head in her hands, crying and hitting her head as she struggled to read, " Mom, she sobbed, "the words are in there - I just can't get them out". It was heartbreaking. Kimaya suffered anxiety and could not always remember the same site words she had learned, in the middle of a sentence. Our Language/ Auditory Doctor recommended Dawn to us, and she has been able to turn a light switch on for Kimaya. Dawn, from one Mom to another - I cannot thank you enough!!

Kimaya Mom -one of the luckiest Moms ever

Welcome to day 22 of International Women's month. Today I would like to focus on the tutors. While teachers are amazing, they are one person asked to do at least 100 jobs an hour. Sometimes our kids need a little extra assistance and this is where our amazing tutors come into play. Whether our child needs to be enriched or given extra help to understand a concept, our tutors are just the ones who provide this service. These women are kind, patient, and determined to provide your child the challenge or guidance to feel accomplished and confident. Today I would like to highlight my friend Dawn Drucker Youshak. Dawn has overcome her own reading obstacles and started her own tutoring business to provide help for children who struggle in their own reading abilities. Dawn provides a safe and fun learning environment to encourage her students to overcome their obstacles and develop confidence to thrive. Her company has helped so many children and they not only learn to read, but they develop a love for reading. Thanks to all of our tutors- you are all rock stars!

We are very happy with Ian’s progress, Dawn is extremely patient and makes the entire experience fun and interactive. Ian started early August and was not reading at all, he is now reading. We are aware he still needs a lot of work but with Dawn’s set goals we are excited to see him excel. You may not be able to choose your school or teacher, you can however pick the experience and passion that comes with Dawn.

Luis B

Good Morning Dawn, I have to thank you and your daughter for the excellent work she has done with my son. I cannot stress enough my gratitude. Her patience and positive mind has change my son for better not only in school but also emotionally. She is truly amazing and has a gift! ❤️

From Kenny’s mom

Thank you for asking Dawn. I'm very loyal to your program because you care, your vision to meet the needs of these special students is awesome, and the people you hire are true educators.

John Williams

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