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Dawn Youshak is a Reading Specialist and Elementary Educator that holds a permanent certification from NYS and Florida. Trained in Orton Gillingham, Wilson Reading Program and Connect to Comprehension to meet individual needs of children. She graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a BS in Elementary Education. Furthering her education, she received her MS in Reading/Special Education from Hofstra University.

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Dawn Youshak Reading Specialist
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Hanna Phillips | online reading tutoring

Hanna Phillips

Elana Youshak - orton gillingham reading program

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Either you have it or you don't, and Dawn definitely has "it"! My 6 year old has an insatiable appetite to practice reading, work on her sounds and write like never before! Dawn has a wonderful energy and intelligence to work with children to make them truly understand how to read. We are so grateful that we found her and I highly recommend her services!

Michele K.

Dawn Youshak helped my Daughter learn to read, to understand what she is reading and most importantly, instilled within my precious girl the knowledge that she could and would be able to learn whatever subject she chose to learn. A year ago my child sat at our kitchen table, her head in her hands, crying and hitting her head as she struggled to read, " Mom, she sobbed, "the words are in there - I just can't get them out". It was heartbreaking. Kimaya suffered anxiety and could not always remember the same site words she had learned, in the middle of a sentence. Our Language/ Auditory Doctor recommended Dawn to us, and she has been able to turn a light switch on for Kimaya. Dawn, from one Mom to another - I cannot thank you enough!!

Kimaya Mom -one of the luckiest Moms ever

Dawn has been tutoring my grand-daughter for two years. She has been, and continues to be, an absolute godsend. We struggled to get ahead of what we knew was a reading disability. When a diagnosis finally came, dyslexia and ADD, Dawn had already been working the Orton Gillingham program with her for over a year. Now, at third-grade, she is so close to being on-grade with reading! My grand-daughter looks forward to her time with Ms. Youshak. She is fun, engaging, encouraging and always up-beat. Dawn keeps us informed on progress and where we, as a family, need to focus our efforts and support. I can’t sing her praises enough!

Bonny Snyder

Thank you for asking Dawn. I'm very loyal to your program because you care, your vision to meet the needs of these special students is awesome, and the people you hire are true educators.

John Williams

Our Programs

We specialize in K-12, SAT/ACt Prep, and more.


Orton-Gillingham (OG) is an excellent teaching-learning method that encompasses comprehensive skills to enhance your child’s learning experience.

Wilson Reading System

The Wilson Reading System is an excellent reading system for grades 2-12. WRS is one of the flagship programs we use to work with kids who struggle with reading and writing.


RAVE-O is a research based educational program. It focuses on word knowledge, letter patterns, enhancing vocabulary, and much more!

Connect To Comprehension

Connect to Comprehension is a comprehensive, scripted intervention reading program for struggling readers in grades 1-8. It is effective for struggling readers using text controlled, decodable readers.

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