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How do I know so much about it? Well, I am a proud dyslexic owner of a small business. I am also a Mom, Wife, Pilates enthusiast, and Reading Specialist. However, the greatest gift that was given to me (besides family) was the gift of dyslexia. Is it hard? Absolutely!! Do I have to give 120% percent always? YES! !!! We are Achievers and get things done. We go to college and become doctors, lawyers, speakers, teachers, and many other professions. We are SUPERHEROES!!!
Why hire a Dyslexic tutor or reading specialist?

  1. We know how your child feels and the proper tools to get them where they need to be.
  2. We can discuss how we feel in a positive, safe place.
  3. We create a positive environment for mistakes.
  4. Problem solving skills to meet the needs of each individuals.
  5. Lastly, Multisensory Approach until we finally grasp the concepts being taught.

Go out and find yourself a great reading specialist trained in many different programs to see which program is best for your child.
For more info please peruse my website floridatravelingtutor.com or give us a call at 954-729-4991

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